Bad Habits Are Killing Your Neck

Every day, you take one step closer to developing chronic Neck Pain. Invest 5 Minutes now to find quick fixes:
  • Check Your Neck Mobility
  • Find The Right Exercises For Your Neck
  • Audit Your Desk Setup With Our Quiz
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Office Neck Pain
Image shows a footballer with neck mobility

Check your neck mobility

We compare your mobility with global data and tell you what can be improved. For casual athletes, this is important as your body compensates for reduced range of motion. You may not be able to turn your head enough to see the ball or other players, and your game suffers.
Accurate Measurements
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Access our library of neck exercises designed by physiotherapists.

Find exercises that can be done quickly and effectively from your desk. These fast and simple exercises will help release tension and prevent future pain from occurring.
Quick and easy exercises
No equipment needed

Improve your desk setup

One of the simplest way you can prevent neck pain affecting your life is by avoiding simple mistakes with your desk set up. It could save you a few years of sports.
Simple yes or no questions
Get recommendations on what to change

Start Preventing Neck Pain Today

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